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Vegas  Motorcycle  Storage

Ride, buy, or ship a bike to Las Vegas Motorcycle Storage.

$128 per month, per bike includes battery tender, gear storage, parcel receiving, mail forwarding, rough camping, airport/hotel shuttle, wash rack, and free use of Doc's fully equipped workshop for self maintenance or cleaning.

Significant discounts for multiple bikes and for 6 months paid in advance. Even greater discounts for 12 months paid in advance.

Fly in several times a year. Doc will fetch you at the airport and you can be riding within 10 minutes of landing.

Call or Text 702-758-FEET (3338), Or email: [email protected]

I can't guarantee a spot for you without online registration and a non-refundable $128 deposit. Please make sure your phone number, mailing address and email are current, as this will be the only way I will have to contact you.

$128 non-refundable Deposit